Use Your Snooze

Use Your Snooze

Subliminal Sleep Meditation, Learning, and More

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Step One

Enter Your Contact Details and Your Custom Snooze Text

Please tell us your name and email address so we can send your Snooze Track when it's ready to go.

Enter Your Custom Snooze Text

Use the text area below to add your custom Snooze Track text. This will be the spoken words repeated back to you in order to learn, study, absorb, and retain the desired information.

Please Note: Currently, all custom orders are processed manually. All information is kept confidential, as noted in our privacy policy.

Please tell us your name.
The voice selection will provide your preferred voice to read your custom text.

Ivy - American Female Child

Ivy - American Female Child

Ivy - American Female Child

Ivy - American Female Child

Joanna - American Female

Joey - American Male

Justin - American Male Childle

Kendra - American Female

Kimberly - American Female

Matthew - American Male

Sallie - American Female

Amy - British Female

Brian - British Male

Emma - British Female

Marlene - German Female

Vicki - German Female

Aditi - Indian Female

Raveena - Indian Female

Nicole - Australian Female

Russel - Australian Male

Geraint - Welsh Male

Step Two

Choose Your Talk-Down and Talk-Up Tracks

The talk-down track will gently walk you through a relaxation exercise to help you fall into a deep sleep.
The talk-up track will help you gently wake up from your Snooze by gradually guiding you awake.

Use Your Snooze - Select your Talk-Down Track from the list.
Use Your Snooze - Select your Talk-Up Track from the list.

Step Three

Choose Your Overplay Track

The Overplay Track will play an ambient sound over your Snooze Text that will mask the spoken words from your conscious mind. This allows your sub-conscious to hear the words and absorb them.

Use Your Snooze - Select your Overplay Track

Step Four

Select Your Track Length

Use the drop-down list below to choose the track length you want. If you just want a cat nap, try 15 minutes. A long nap? Try 4 hours. Or, if you need to sleep through the night, try 8 or 10 hours, depending on your sleep habits.

Use Your Snooze - The Snooze Length includes the talk-down, talk-up, and snooze text tracks.