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Can I Study in My Sleep? How Subliminal Sleep Learning Works

custom subliminal learningSubliminal Sleep Learning is at Your Fingertips

Can you really study in your sleep? And, how does subliminal sleep learning really work?

There are many theories, a lot of conjecture, and some very “new age” perceptions about these ideas. To really understand how it all comes together, you really need to see the whole picture.

To begin with, the hard facts are:

  • Multiple studies have shown that subliminal messaging is effective in a number of circumstances by a variety of methods [1], [2], [3]
  • Effective media absorption is dependent on:
    • Environmental factors [3]
    • A subject’s ability to focus on the stimuli [3]
    • An effective, validated method of delivery
  • Subliminal studies using MRI and brain scan technology have shown that the brain reacts to subliminal stimuli, even when the subject isn’t aware of it
  • People in studies have been shown to react to influences of subliminal messaging, such as:
    • Retaining academic material
    • Increased positive self-perceptions [2]
    • Increasing motivation to stop/start certain habits [2]
    • Improved behavior patterns [2]

Subliminal Messages are More Effective in Your Sleep

All of these facts are based on specific methods of subliminal delivery. In some cases, visual cues were given over short periods of time [3], between 4 milliseconds and 48 milliseconds, for example. Other cases included audio messages, sounds, or music, played under a white noise track to mask conscious perception.

In particular, the use of auditory messaging during sleep has been shown to have a particularly positive influence on a person’s ability to retain the message. There are two factors that make this approach effective.

  1. Deep sleep, especially in the 3rd and 4th phases, pushes the conscious mind aside. This effectively removes the opportunity for distractions by outside stimuli, or overactive thought patterns. [4]
  2. The use of white noise, or an audio track played over the spoken word which distracts the conscious mind, improves sleep quality, and allows the subconscious mind to hear the messages more clearly. [4]

Creating Your Own Message Reinforces the Effectiveness of the Absorption

More than likely, you have heard of someone having a “photographic memory.” Or, you’ve heard that hearing a passage, equation, or definition several times improves retention. The same goes for subliminal learning, but with a few advantages.

First of all, Use Your Snooze’s subliminal sleep learning methods allow the you to retain the information that you’ve entered more effectively. This is because of the way that your mind functions, which is similar to a computer system.

Modern computers use a combination of working memory and long-term memory. These two memories, RAM and ROM, work in a coordinated effort to make computers do the things that they do today.

Essentially, RAM is a temporary memory that stores information during the operation of a program. Comparatively, ROM stores information permanently to be recalled later. While the human brain functions at a level for more complex than the everyday laptop, the analogy of RAM and ROM holds true. [5] 

Working memory is the human version of temporary storage. When information exceeds the capability of working memory, or when it is repeated, the long-term memory is activated and the information is stored. [5]

Again, this is a gross oversimplification of human brain function. However, the theory still holds true when applied to subliminal sleep learning.

By typing the information that you wish to learn and memorize into the Snooze text box, you begin the process of reinforcement. Your mind processes the material, through your fingers, through your eyes, and internally, as you enter the text.

Then, you engage the information in your sleep. Your subconscious mind will now grab the incoming subliminal messaging and associate it with the experience of entering the custom text. With that, you will be engaging in subliminal sleep learning.